The Pet Food Bank is the “largest national supplier” of donated pet food for no kill animal rescue organizations. Since 1997, we have been there every day to support the many homeless animals. Our reach knows no borders. We are national and international, we have rescues we service in every state and Mexico. No animal should go hungry!

The average animal rescue goes through 4,000 to 6,000 pounds of food a month. Food is the largest expense. That is why we are here…to help with the burden of feeding the animals. Without The Pet Food Bank, the rescues would have to buy food, litter, cleaners, and all the other items to care for the animals. Until their forever home can be found….we want to make sure their bellies are full, and their beds clean and warm.

Our generous sponsors donate the food, treats, litter, shampoos, and necessary items to help care for the animals. Our volunteers keep it moving. We bring in truckloads of food from our generous benefactors. We ship it, unload it and distribute it. We also have a large warehouse facility the rescues can come to when they need it. The rescues never have to worry that the animals will go hungry.

Slider 4Your financial support is important to our mission. Every donation we receive, goes back into helping the animals